Volunteers help us to make ParTee a successful event. Sign up today!

The NEW 2017 ParTee On The Green hours are from 5-9pm on Friday, April 28, and the organizing team needs volunteers as early as 1pm and as late as 11pm.  There will also be opportunities to volunteer in various capacities before and for a week after the event.

On the contact form, tell us your availability on the day of the event: April 28, 2017.

Venue Set-Up (1-3p)
Vendor Check-In (2-4p)
Stage Crew (4-9:30p)
Ticketing (4:30-8:30p)
Kids Zone (4:30-8pm)
Venue Clean-Up (6:30-10:30p)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vee Tall says:

    Karen did I get 430 tickets?


    1. hey there. Are you still available to volunteer for the ParTee? (I’m just not seeing your message/comment here)


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